Friday, February 6, 2009

Entry Without Title 1


i cant hold it anymore..
what on earth is she thinking??
cant she see that so many senior are not into her..
she is so annoying..
back to the story..
there is one girl here..
her name is FATIN NUR*****
she was just entered UiTM jengka.
morelike she is my junior..
ok..what have my friends and i doesnt like her are she is so proad af herself..
seems like she is perfect enough..
oo..she's trying to give us advises which we doesnt even need it..
you know what..
i have a friend..
his name is jimmy..
he is lembut lah..
but what makes she is annoy me when she's give advise that jimmy shouldnt be like that..bla..bla..bla..
'ade gak org mcm die..' ish3.... =.=

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