Friday, February 27, 2009

Entry Without Title 2


there's another girl here makes me very damnly irritating..she has had been acting like a wh*re the whole last sem and STILL making me wanted give her my big huge slapped to her jackass!!! she is wh*re to me and still a wh*re forever!!
damn you and fak you!!! i really cant stand with her within a minute!!
actually there's a story...
okay..last wednesday b4 my university have 'malam alunan gemersik' or MAG3
and i was the one who should acting like a Palestine women and had to dance this 'tarian arab'..
and h*ly sh*t!! she was so 'dengki' with me and 'write macam2 dkt friendster..
argh!!! still not getting any!!!
last but not least!!may damn you the rest of this sem!!beware dear..

but i must say sorry for those who maybe think i love to 'mencarut'
it's really not me!!huhu..
i said bad things when i was angry..hahaha..

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