Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paramore - Ignorance

If im a bad person,you dont like me..well i guess i'll make my own way..it's a circle,i mean cycle..i cant excite you anymore..where's your gavel?your jury?what's my offense this time?you're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me..well sentence me to another life..dont wanna hear your sad songs..i dont wanna feel your pain..when you swear it's ALL MY FAULT coz you know we're not the same..we're the friends who used to stuck together,we wrote our names in blood..but i guess you cant accept that the change is GOOD..!well you treat me just like another stranger..well,it's nice to meet you,sir!i guess i'll go..i best be on my way out..ignorance is your new best friend..ignorance is your new freaking best friend..this is the best thing that could've happened..any longer and i wouldnt have made it..it's not a war no,it's not a rapture..im JUST A PERSON but you cant take it..the same tricks that once fooled me,they wont get you anywhere..im NOT THE SAME KID from your memory..well now i can fend for myself....

Last Friends

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