Friday, February 27, 2009

sooner but rather than later?

i know it's sound silly when i said i love him as much as i love myself..but it's true when i first said my friends they said he dont really deserves best of me but STILL im in love to him..ya..i am the who love him and im preety sure he dont like me..i really in love with him..he just like a tatoo that remains on me like forever..i cant forget about him at all..sometimes i get to cry when he wont talk to me and sometimes i really mad at him bcoz i was always the one who should said 'hi' first..if i dont,he could never talk to me until i 'tegur' him..that was the thing i know he never likes i always said to my roomates "my instincts never lied to me"..and that's true bcoz i know he never likes me..NEVER!!! but when i think about the past,i really want to tell him i love him but again it depends on me..sooner or rather than later i should tell him..
to him that maybe read this i always love you even if i fall in love wth someone someday..and to my soul dont be sad and always remember one thing that he dont deserves me and this could be 'ade hikmah' darling..
and maybe one day you can easily forget about him as you forget SHAHRUL!! remember him?? LOL...Lagipun kalau aku kapel dengan mamat ni, mana aku nak letak fahmi? hahaha

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