Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Miss Her!!

hello's been so long i didnt open my blog since april(i think)..there's a lot of stuff i wanna share with you..a lot!!!i miss my time at scul..really miss..i miss my friends,i miss my teachers and i miss korek korek so(hahaha)..actually i wanna you with my little friend who i miss her a lot..we've been friend since primary scul mase same2 kelas 6kreatif..i've been friend with her since then until that damn day..i was SMSing my fren.Okay,let's name her as A..i asked her whether she wanna come kuantan that saturday or not..the person who replying said she wasnt i looked at my contacts and ya,this number is A' i said 'you've got to be kidding me"(in malay lar)..the replyer said she's not and she said she is A's mother..Goddamnme!!i really taught A wanted to prank me so i said 'lempang kang'..i said that damn word just to kidding her and i really taught that person who replying me is A..i never it was A's mother..for God sake,a's mother doesnt reply so i said 'ni pakwe A ke?'..and fu*k me i said day A SMSed me and said blablabla and said she never taught i'll be acting this way..i said damnly sorry to both of them but till now A always ignoring so what ever major loser!!for god sake iu really miss her from the bottom of my loser heart..

to A-im really sorry..

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