Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are You Guilty Of Seeking Male Approval? -1


One day, Farha, Syima, Intan and I went to starbucks coffee. Ok well. Intan, she's lucid, forceful and matter of fact. Suddenly a shodow falls over our table. Ada mamat barista datang kemaskan meja kiteorang. Ok fine. Then, suddenly Intan undergoes a personality transplant so swift and dramatic. Her voice seems to rise an octave, her eyelashes quiver seductively and her face is wreathed in cheesy smile. She is - to put it quite brutally - simpering.

All that happened is the arrival of a man. He's only a Barista and all Intan has to do is order another of frapunicco. so why is she behaving like an alien from planet Yukkaa' (novel rayyan fantasi by ramlee awang murshid). Why is she so desperate to make the Barista think that she's so sweetest little lady in the whole dammed world? Okay,no offense, Intan.

Intan has an extreme longing for a male approval. Not merely the approval of a man she fancies but any man at all. She is clever and competent person yet she believes that the way to obtain that coveted approval is to pout, flutter and hide her brains in her  handbag.

" i despise myself for it but i cant help it" she said.

Men are achievers, decider, providers. From the outside, the boys' club like a MACHO HEAVEN with a crowd of female supplicants clamouring at the gates. Approval from a women is all very well but she's just another women.

Conciously or not, our desire for a male approval shapes our working lives. When I once worked at 7-Eleven, I had 2 bosses, one man and one women. I admired the women and respected her. But I never felt that I had to titter at her jokes, or apologize profusely when she made a mistake. If my male boss passed within 10 metres from my workplace however I would turn into Scarlett O'Hara.

One thing's clear, it's not only men who think they're superior. At the same level, even staunch feminists think so too.

source: cleo

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